Liz Block

Academic Achievement

West Contra Costa faces a critical need to improve academic outcomes for all our students. In order to do this, our district needs to raise student expectations at all levels, improve teaching and learning in every classroom, and overhaul supports for students in need.

Teacher Effectiveness

In her first term, Liz voted to raise teacher pay. During her second term, Liz will work to improve teaching and learning at all our schools by emphasizing time for teacher collaboration, teacher coaching, and quality professional development.

Safe, supportive schools

Liz knows that students can’t learn if they don’t feel safe, cared for and well supported by every adult in the building. She has voted for restorative practices, focusing on social emotional learning, and providing more supports to students whose traumas make learning hard.

Vision 2018

Liz Block is the only proven administrator running for school board. During her first term, Liz successfully pushed for changes similar to those she used as a school principal in Bay Point to turn around one of the lowest-performing elementary schools within that district. With Liz on the board, WCCUSD has focused on measuring and planning around student outcomes, invested more than ever before in teachers, and enacted policies that will transform school safety, culture and climate.

Experience in Action

As an acting WCCUSD Board Trustee and recent Board President, Liz Block continues to lead major improvements to our district

15% Teacher Pay Raise

Liz believes we must attract and retain the best teachers in the Bay Area in order to dramatically raise student achievement. That’s why she worked to pass a sizable teacher raise that makes our teachers the highest paid in Contra Costa County.

Positive School Climate Policy

Working closely with district staff, the community and the board Liz helped establish a relationship-based district culture with an emphasis on restorative justice, positive behavior interventions, and trauma-informed practices.

Data-Driven Instruction

During her first term, WCCUSD began measuring student growth and achievement several times a year and investing in professional development to help teachers use that data to improve teaching and learning in their classrooms..

Equitable Resources

Liz strongly supports the new funding formula that moves more money to school sites, gives parents more voice in how those dollars are spent and focuses resources on our most underserved and highest need students.

Fiscal Transparency

Liz led the charge to implement transparency and rigorous financial controls to our bond program. With her help, we have begun to restore the public trust in the district’s management of public funds.

Parent Choice

Liz has supported expanding the number of K-8 and dual language immersion district schools in order to give parents more choices. When parents have stood up and demanded better options than their chronically failing neighborhood school, Liz has supported high quality charter schools.

About Liz Block

  • WCCUSD Board Trustee since 2014
  • Served as WCCUSD Board President
  • 35 years as a Principal, School Psychologist, and Special Education Administrator
  • 40 year resident of West Contra Costa 

Connect with Liz


Liz grew up in Ohio where she was the first person in her family to graduate from college. She graduated from Duke University in 1975 where she majored in Psychology and Developmental Psycholinguistics.

Liz moved to the Bay Area in 1975 to attend graduate school at UC Berkeley, where she earned her Masters in Education and a School Psychologist credential in 1980. In 2001, she attended St. Mary’s College, where she earned her Administrative Services credential. Later, wanting to serve a broader group of students, she learned Spanish so that she could communicate directly with Spanish speaking students and parents in her schools.

Liz has lived in El Cerrito for over 35 years and during that time she has been dedicated to improving the community. Prior to being elected the WCCUSD in 2014, she served on the Human Relations Commission for the City of El Cerrito from 2010 to 2012. Fourteen years ago, she helped support students, teachers and parents in the March for Education, a protest against the inequitable funding for WCCUSD by the state. On a more personal note, she co-founded a monthly neighborhood soup night that has been bringing neighbors together for over ten years.

Liz lives with her husband, David, and their yellow lab Weslia. She and David have two grown children, Robbie, a community organizer, and Brian a doctor. In her free time, she likes to ride her bike, hike, visit with friends, and read.

Liz Block

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